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Trichology Clinic

Why visit Ilkley Moor Trichology Clinic? 

Ilkley Moor Trichology Clinic is based in Ilkley West Yorkshire and provides a Hair and Scalp Treatment Service including Scalp Micropigmentation. Ideally situated for Ilkley, Addingham, Burley in Wharfedale, Otley, Burley in Wharfedale, Pool in Wharfedale, Harrogate Leeds, Bradford, Bingley Silsden, Skipton and surrounding areas.


A Trichologist who is a qualified member of the London Institute of Trichologists, has undergone rigorous training and observation in an approved clinic in order to have achieved their title. Equally, to maintain that title a minimum amount of Continuous Professional Development must be undertaken to retain up to date knowledge in this specialist area. This helps support the building of working relationships between a doctor, patient and Trichologist. Some doctors and dermatologists will encourage patients to visit a Trichologist in whom they have complete confidence and trust.

Although doctors study for many years, their area of study is extremely broad. A Trichologist, qualified from the Institute, has studied solely the science of the hair and scalp for a substantial number of years giving them an advantage over this specialism. Most Trichologists embark on this chosen career as they have a real passion and interest in Trichology and therefore dedicate time, energy and regular professional development into this specialism. A good Trichologist will see a greater spectrum of hair loss and scalp conditions, some more so than a doctor, giving them the advantage of experience in this field.

In today’s society it would be very rare to see or speak to your GP for more than 10-15 minutes. However, at Ilkley Moor Trichology Clinic we will allocate patient appointments for an hour or more to be fully observant of the patient's needs. A Trichologist will place greater importance on the frequency of treatments, aftercare, and follow up appointments than would be seen in busy NHS practices. 

Here at Ilkley Moor Trichology Clinic every patient care, treatment, success and satisfaction is at the centre all that we do. 

Ilkley Moor Trichology Clinic for  Hair Treatments, Scalp Treatments

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