Services and Treatments

Trichology Consultation = £95 

A consultation will take place over one hour or longer where a thorough examination of the hair and scalp is performed. During these consultations we will discuss your concerns along with many factors such as diet, lifestyle and medical history. Microscopy of the hair or scalp may be performed during a consultation. Following this consultation you will be provided with a diagnosis or hypothesis and treatment plan. In some cases further referrals may need to be made for blood tests or other forms of investigation.  Advice from other healthcare professionals may be needed in relation to dermatology, nutrition, or psychological aspects.

Follow-up Trichology Consultation = £35 (Recommended 6 to 12 months following the initial consultation).

This follow up consultation enables the clinic to monitor treatments and progress, make alterations to treatment where required and takes place over half an hour.


Scalp treatments = £25

Treatments may be applied using a cream, ointment or lotion and include descaling and cleansing of the scalp for conditions such as Psoriasis and Eczema whilst also removing free radicals from the scalp surface.
This service takes place over half an hour where a treatment is applied to the scalp and the patient is placed under a steamer. 

High Frequency Treatment = £25

This treatment may be recommended following your initial trichology consultation and is used to treat particular scalp conditions and hair loss. This treatment involves stimulating blood circulation to the hair follicles, increasing greater nutrient supply to hair bulbs along with lymphatic drainage and removal of waste. 

Scalp Micropigmentation - *Price guide below

Scalp Micropigmentation (Scalp Tattoo)  is one of the many treatments offered at Ilkley Moor Trichology Clinic.This treatment is performed over a number of appointments. Pricing is based upon the amount of hair loss for each client along with the work required.
A thorough consultation is carried out prior to any scalp micropigmentation treatment. 
Scalp Micropigmentation can be used to camouflage scarring, permanent hair loss whilst also adding density, and the appearance of thicker looking hair.
Please note: Consultations for scapl micropigmentation are free of charge - with no obligation to proceed with treatment. You will be informed of a set price for your treatment along with the likely duration.

Please note: At the point of booking a deposit is taken to secure your dates.


Norwood Scale

The Norwood scale of hair loss is used to provide a guide on the cost of your treatment:

Norwood / Savin Scale 1 to 3 prices range between  = £250 - £400

Norwood / Savin  Scale 3 to 4 prices range between = £400 - £600

Norwood  / Savin Scale 5 to 7 prices range between = £650 - £800

Alopecia full head prices range between = £1400-1800

These prices provide a guide and cost may vary depending on the amount of hair loss present, a set price is confirmed and agreed at consultation prior to treatment starting. 

norwood scale.png

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What to expect at your appointment


* Discussion of your hair and scalp concerns.


* We will discuss your current health; if you have had any blood tests taken in the past twelve months please bring these results with you. 


* Please do not wash hair on the day of your appointment (wash day before) and please refrain from using any cosmetic products such as hair fibres. 


* Please arrive on time for your appointment.


* We will discuss a timeline of history surrounding when your concerns started and if any trauma, illness, operations were around this time.


* Medical history - If you are currently taking any medication please bring these with you to your appointment. 


* In order to aid diagnosis the clinic may refer you to your GP for blood testing, some patients may choose to have these carried out faster at a private clinic.

* Please note the clinic is easily accessed by public transport and has ample parking facilities.